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Adriana Belotti
2 min readJan 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

This is the time we usually take stock and reflect on the year that just ended, what was accomplished and how we can improve our lives.

Diet, exercise, time with family, nurture friendships… Work less, enjoy more.

Make a plan and get right to it. Start today. Implement, review, rinse, repeat. You can make your year exceptional. One day at a time.

And if shit hits the fan and you fail, that’s OK too. Learn your lessons as they come. Pick yourself up and start over.

In an effort to make the new year a time of quality change, and contribute to creating better communities and learning environments, I’ve put together over the break a website to help us all reflect and pledge to be excellent to each other — yes, I’m a Bill & Ted fan ;)

We go to events all year long. I personally organise about 30 meetups a year, and I attend double that number, plus conferences, seminars etc. Sometimes, not all that I see, or hear about, is up to standard.

I’d like to help change that, but I can’t do it alone. I need you to join me.

The Code of Conduct Pledge website is live on the interwebs. It is an idea that spawned from an incident at a meetup back in November.

If you run meetups, conferences or seminars, take a look and commit to running inclusive events, with the vision of sharing knowledge amongst peers and giving equal voice to raise minorities into the light of this new age.

The peer to peer age.

Learning together and from each other. Fostering equal and fair communities. We can do it. Will you help?

It is simple.

Take the pledge, and spread the world.

And remember, be excellent to each other.

PS. Please share this with anyone you know who run meetups and events. Thank you.



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