Around the Blockchain 2017

Adriana Belotti


As part of this year’s Spark Festival, Blockchain Professionals brought together the Sydney blockchain community to share experiences and showcase their projects to 200+ people at Fishburners.

I’ve been a part of growing our local community for 3 years now, and it is amazing to see what once were only ideas coming to life through these projects that will soon begin to impact our lives.

Here’s a summary of the talks and startups who presented at the showcase. Feel free to reach out for more information.


Bitfwd is a blockchain community group devoted to promoting blockchain projects and fostering entrepreneurship within the local community. Bitfwd is organising a blockchain hackathon next month at UNSW. Find out more about it here.

Twiiter @bitfwdxyz

blueshyft is an iOS-based platform installed in over 1,200 retailers across Australia, that allows businesses to accept cash payments for digital goods and services. The blueshyft network allows customers to use cash to load their digital wallet, credit their online account, pay for online orders and purchase stored value or gift cards. The blueshyft platform also facilitates acquisition, identification, retail, logistics and activation services.

Twitter @blueshyft

Dappbase is building powerful and accessible tools for decentralized app development. Whether you’re creating a financial service, decentralized exchange or running an initial coin offering (ICO), Dappbase accelerates your development process and provides scalable access to blockchain infrastructure for your customers.

Twitter: @dappbase

Devery allows suppliers and consumers to prove the authenticity of their products online before purchase using the blockchain, essentially removing the need for ‘trust’ in e-commerce. It aims to protect brands and consumers from counterfeiting using blockchain powered product verification by providing unique, verifiable identifiers to each product throughout the supply chain.

Twitter @deveryofficial

Incent Loyalty is a new way to administrate loyalty schemes using the power of the blockchain, it’s a universal platform that allows merchants to reward consumers with incent and in return the consumer can use that incent to make purchases where incent is acccepted. Incent is a traded currency, which will allow consumers to hold an asset that can be future proofed from inflation and changes in loyalty schemes.

myStake is a platform that delivers transparency, liquidity, and confidence to stakeholders in companies. We utilise the Ethereum Blockchain to tokenise shares, creating greater opportunities for fundraising via faster settlement and shorter transaction times. The Ethereum Blockchain enables us to also store the hashes for documents, voting results, and a full suite of other corporate actions. This gives our users a defensible, audit trail that tracks company history, ensuring accountability and integrity for stakeholders.

Flux is a political movement which aims to replace the world’s elected legislatures with a new system known as issue-based direct democracy (IBDD).

Twitter @voteflux

The aim of Zero Carbon Project is to help solve climate change by accelerating the transition to renewable/green electricity. Our vision is to see global carbon emissions from electricity generation reduce to zero in fifteen years. For as long as green electricity is more expensive than carbon-based electricity, consumers who are concerned about the impact of climate change may not be able to afford to switch to green electricity. The Zero Carbon Project offers a way to switch to green electricity by becoming earning valuable Energis Coins to cover the extra cost they incur. These are earned and minted at the point of consumption, and the consumer can then save, spend or sell their Coins into a broader ecosystem.


Decentralised Governance by SecureVote with Nathan Spataro @nathanspataro

How blockchain technology will help organisations handle governance and decision-making in the age of decentralisation.

Trust in e-Commerce and the Supply Chain with Andrew Rasheed @andrewrd10

The online counterfeiting industry is a $496+ billion dollar industry. The industry is growing each day and online retailers, brands & consumers are left facing the consequences. How did this happen? Andrew explored the relationship between e-commerce, the supply chain and its reliance on trust.

Todd’s Crypto Bag of Tricks with Todd Byrne @toddbyrne

Retired rugby player Todd Byrne took us along his crypto journey, which started when he was playing in England and saw his savings disappear amidst currency devaluations of the 2009 financial crisis, which spiked his interest in studying economics and the psychology of trading.

ICOs in Context with Hannah Glass @hannah_glass

ICOs (or token sales) are the latest phenomenon in the blockchain industry. And for capital starved, crypto-savvy entrepreneurs, selling cryptographic tokens to raise funds appears to be simple. However as the amounts raised have reached staggering levels and ICOs have seized the attention of those beyond the cryptocurrency sector, they have come under increased regulatory scrutiny. From the SEC’s announcements, to China and South Korea’s ban on ICOs, the blockchain industry is waking up to what those in the legal industry have been saying for months — ICOs, like bitcoin, blockchain and smart contracts, are not above the law.

Green Fintech and Sustainability Use Cases with Robert Allen @rallen_consult

Rob explored a number of blockchain sustainability use cases with examples that looked at the evolution of different distributed ledger technologies to meet the specific problems of the sustainability goals.

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A big thank you to everyone who has helped to make Around the Blockchain such an epic success.



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